Thursday, April 23, 2009

21 Points for Posterity

1) David's Dowry: 200 Filistine foreskins - 1 Samuel (18:25),

2) 1886 PreZionist Palestine - The first moving pictures
Lumier Bros. footage:

3) 1936 footage of a Palestinian spokesman on Arab fear of displacement by Jews:

4) Letter To The New York Times, co-signed by Albert Eistein, 1948

5) the modern day Biblical claim to Palestine at the Zionist Virtual Library:
6) from a horses mouth:

referenced summary of the history of the establishment of the modern state of Israel:
(Truman Library Archives, Recognition of Israel)

8) Religion at War:
(citing Harris, Dennett and Dawkins.)

10) President Woodrow Wilson's 1919 King-Crane Commission Report.

11) Swarthmore college presentation of "Stalin's Forgotten Zion":

12) "Women are sold at public auctions"

13) The Holocaust of Shepardim:

14) Israeli eugenics:

15) Ministry of Religion, Chief Rabbinate and Marriage Law:
google - Israel, "Ministry of Religious Affairs"
google, Israel, marriage law

16) Apartheid Citizenship Law:

17) Colin Blakemore and Richard Dawkins:
Guardian, July 2002

18) Gilad Atzmon on the hot new Israeli topic of The Invention of the Jewish People:
19) A University text from the 70s on the same old topic:
(The World To 1500, John A. Garraty and Peter Gay, 1972, p.216)

20) "Rich Forer...a former member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)"

21) Jewish Autonomous Region. The official government website.
today is 17.04.2009
Let’s live in peace and friendship
8.7.2007 Birobidzhaner Shtern
Greeting participants of the forum vice-chairman of the JAR Government Maria Zhirdetskaya has noted that the Jewish Autonomous Region is the region on which territory about a hundred of nationalities live. Therefore the regional traditions are based on respect of customs of various public groups.

Living in peace assumes presence in each person of such qualities as restraint and tolerance.