Saturday, September 25, 2010

Change-Blindness at WTC1 (v1)

Could you tell me exactly why the pressure pulse from the massive fuel-air explosion from the impact of UA 175(at WTC2) could not be responsible for the observed phenomena?(at WTC1)

1) a pressure pulse will push things, not pull.

2) the classic air-fuel explosion producing a vacuum over a wide area (and subsequent implosion) typically requires dispersal of the fuel in a mist over a large area prior to ignition, and that is not what occurred.
In any case, a classic fuel-air explosion would not account for what we see, since the effect is isolated to a few specific regions. The effect on clouds of a shock wave propagating in all directions from its source should make that point clear:

3) a flash immediately precedes ejection of black smoke from a new area:

4) the smoke peeling upwards in regions above and surrounding the smoke puffs remains unaffected, and

5) a flame blows out a window on the opposite face, while the smoke peeling upwards on that side remains unaffected:

6) the jet-fuel explosion has barely had a chance to expand before these things occur:

Conclusion: the smoke is not pulled from the windows by the explosion next door, but pushed from within.

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