Monday, September 06, 2010

Cutter Charge Flashing in WTC2


An "Intriguing" explosive ejection from 77th floor window:

The video shot from the WTC plaza captured an intriguing event at 9:37:04 a.m. A jet of air, dust, and a large piece of debris was ejected from a window, 77-355, on the 77th floor at an extremely high velocity. [...] A long distance video shot from the south showed that fire and smoke were pushed from multiple locations on the south face at the same time the strong jet occurred on the 77th floor of the east face.
-NIST NCSTAR 1-5A, WTC Investigation (p. 346)
New video release, via 911Blogger:

Cutter charge from the previous clip, stabilized and repeated three times:

(Note the "streamer" that seems to peel off from the column along the same line that subsequently ignites.)

stabilized and cropped for focus:

other flashy stuff also accompanied by "streamers":