Saturday, September 25, 2010

Change-Blindness at WTC1 (v1)

Could you tell me exactly why the pressure pulse from the massive fuel-air explosion from the impact of UA 175(at WTC2) could not be responsible for the observed phenomena?(at WTC1)

1) a pressure pulse will push things, not pull.

2) the classic air-fuel explosion producing a vacuum over a wide area (and subsequent implosion) typically requires dispersal of the fuel in a mist over a large area prior to ignition, and that is not what occurred.
In any case, a classic fuel-air explosion would not account for what we see, since the effect is isolated to a few specific regions. The effect on clouds of a shock wave propagating in all directions from its source should make that point clear:

3) a flash immediately precedes ejection of black smoke from a new area:

4) the smoke peeling upwards in regions above and surrounding the smoke puffs remains unaffected, and

5) a flame blows out a window on the opposite face, while the smoke peeling upwards on that side remains unaffected:

6) the jet-fuel explosion has barely had a chance to expand before these things occur:

Conclusion: the smoke is not pulled from the windows by the explosion next door, but pushed from within.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Naked Core, Cutter Charges Flashing

(58fps at half speed, deinterlaced)

from this raw footage, 37Mb, at:
(best viewed at fullscreen in VLC media player, with de-interlacing on and set to "bob", for a clear and sparkling 60 frames per second)


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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Explosions, Flash at WTC1

(choose 480p, full screen)

extracted from extraordinary high-resolution footage at:


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Monday, September 06, 2010

Cutter Charge Flashing in WTC2


An "Intriguing" explosive ejection from 77th floor window:

The video shot from the WTC plaza captured an intriguing event at 9:37:04 a.m. A jet of air, dust, and a large piece of debris was ejected from a window, 77-355, on the 77th floor at an extremely high velocity. [...] A long distance video shot from the south showed that fire and smoke were pushed from multiple locations on the south face at the same time the strong jet occurred on the 77th floor of the east face.
-NIST NCSTAR 1-5A, WTC Investigation (p. 346)
New video release, via 911Blogger:

Cutter charge from the previous clip, stabilized and repeated three times:

(Note the "streamer" that seems to peel off from the column along the same line that subsequently ignites.)

stabilized and cropped for focus:

other flashy stuff also accompanied by "streamers":


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